• International Journal of Innovative Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences

    International Journal of Innovative Technology and Interdisciplinary Sciences (IJITIS) is aimed to disseminate original research in all fields of Technology and Engineering and presents the latest development and achievements in scientific research in Estonia and overseas to the world’s community to stimulate and promote academic exchange between Estonia and foreign scientists, engineers, and researchers. Original, innovative and novel contributions providing insight into the use of analytical, computational modeling as well as experimental research results are encouraged. IJITIS are edited by an international board of distinguished local and foreign scientists, researchers. The objective of publishing this journal in English is to strengthen international exchange in academic research.

  • Journal of Transactions in Systems Engineering

    Journal of Transactions in Systems Engineering (JTSE) is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal that provides the latest research and developments in all theoretical and practical aspects and fields of engineering applications, informatics, and engineering systems design. The journal publishes three times a year (January, June, and October) and does not require any article processing charges (APC) or any article submission charges (ASC). JTSE is designed for researchers, scientists, and engineers who are involved in scientific, technical, or other issues related to the journal's scope.

  • Environmental Industry Letters

    Environmental Industry Letters (EIL) is an open-access and free-of-charge journal which offers both an environmental perspective on the current industries and a practical approach to the development of environmental industries. Both developed and developing nations may need to address this issue. It should be noted that by introducing this new viewpoint into scientific societies, it may result in a more limited understanding of how industry and the environment are related. Last but not least, it should be noted that environment, industry, sustainable development, circular economy, and green economy are among this journal's most crucial keywords.

  • Quanta Research

    Quanta Research (QR) is an open-access and free-of-charge journal aimed at creating a holistic view in integrated human-based disciplines such as social science, political science, psychological science, managerial science, environmental strategical science, and energy strategies with computational algorithms and numerical modeling. Basically, QR is a framework for the implementation of novel viewpoints in the computational human-based research area. In essence, QR serves as a framework for the application of novel perspectives in the field of computational human-based research. The Journal offers a framework for intelligent, long-lasting, operational changes in communities based on computational algorithms.