Mini-Review on structural performance of fiber reinforced geopolymer concrete


  • Jyotirmoy Mishra Veer Surrendra Sai University of Technology
  • Rutumbhara Panigrahi Meinhardt Singapore Pte. Ltd



Fiber; geopolymer concrete; compressive strength; reinforcement; durability


Development of alternate eco-friendly and sustainable construction solutions for meeting rising infrastructural demands have become an attractive area of research. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate and review past research works based on fiber reinforced geopolymer concrete (FRGC). Geopolymers are highly promising low-carbon, cement-less composite materials possessing enhanced mechanical and serviceability criteria in comparison to OPC based construction materials. These inorganic composites are made up of industrial wastes with higher alumina and silica content as base material using ‘alkali activating solution’ as binder agent, but are quasi-brittle in nature hence, their ductility can be improved by proper reinforcing materials preferably “fibers”. This study discusses and suggests that FRGC exhibits good thermal stability, light weight and lesser shrinkage property by understanding of previous works. Thus, rapid innovation of fiber reinforced geopolymers is highly anticipated in the near future. This paper also reviews development of FRGC and its properties; fresh and hardened. The recent developments regarding serviceability (Deflection, Crack width Control and thermal stability) are highlighted based on past literatures. The outcomes of this review paper will serve to provide a technical background of FRGC for researchers for conducting future experimental works.


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