Fast and Reliable System for Managing Customer Information of a Local Electric Power Generator


  • Mariwan Hama Saeed College of Basic Education, University of Halabja, Kurdistan, IRAQ



Web-Based System, Information Management System, Azure Cloud Virtual Machine, ASP.NET Web Application, MySQL DBMS


Web applications have become a vital requirement for organizations in managing information, because running any organization through the classic way makes the management process tough. The purpose of this paper is to propose a fast and reliable way to solve the problems that supervisors of an electric power generator face in managing customer information. This will be done through a web-based system. The system will be developed with ASP.NET web framework and MySQL database management system. Ajax and jQuery library will be utilised for smart searching facility and printing dynamic receipts.  It will be easy to use and supports all smart devices because of the help of bootstrap framework. IIS web server and Microsoft Azure cloud virtual machine are used for hosting and running the system. To investigate the workability and efficiency of the system a questionnaire and an interview have been conducted and analysed. The results confirmed that, by using the system, the supervisors can manage customers’ information in an efficient way and it will save a lot of time and money and they will be able to back-up data easily. The findings of the paper can be applied for managing big-data by public or private sectors in Kurdistan.


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