Fuzzy Logic Control of Clutch for Hybrid Vehicle

Fuzzy Logic Control of Clutch for Hybrid Vehicle

  • Setyamartana Parman Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia
Keywords: Fuzzy logic, clutch engagement, Matlab Simulink, Hybrid vehicle.


This paper provides a design of an automatic clutch controller for hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV) using fuzzy logic. The use of fuzzy logic can reduce the difficulty of mathematical modeling of complex systems since fuzzy logic can deal with uncertain and imprecise data and problems which may have several solutions rather than one. Fuzzy logic algorithms for the automatic clutch controller are developed to achieve a smooth and fast engaging transition. Comprehensive simulations for the whole hybrid electrical vehicle are conducted in Matlab 2009a. An experimental test for a real damping clutch is also carried out. Results show that the active regulation of the clutch slipping ration can considerably reduce the vehicle vibration in resonance frequencies. The new system can handle the clutch engagement with low jerk and high comfort.


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